As one of just 31 teams in the NHL, you might think that the goals and challenges of the Arizona Coyotes organization would look about as similar to your business as your car does to a Zamboni.

Of course, the “product” of professional hockey is categorically unique. But for everyone ‘off the ice’, the day-to-day work in business operations, sales, marketing, etc., are the objectives and questions you’d find in nearly any other business.

"What does our audience think of our brand?"

"How can we improve their experience?"

"How can we engage with our customers?"

"Where should we focus our efforts?"

For answers to these and other difficult questions around understanding their audience, the Arizona Coyotes rely on NUVI.

Check out the video to learn more about how NUVI gives the Coyotes insights into the conversations, sentiment, and interests of their customers, to improve the fan experience and increase engagement.