Blendtec designs and manufactures the world's safest and most powerful high-speed commercial and residential blenders. Led by company founder and chief engineer Tom Dickson, Blendtec has introduced several innovative technologies and have made Blendtec products indispensable in restaurants, juice bars, cafes and homes around the globe.

Blendtec has partnered with NUVI in order to gain insights from their social mentions. Watch the video to see how NUVI has been able to help Blendtec:

  • Understand their position in the market, and how consumers view Blendtec versus competitors.

  • Identify influencers through the conversation around their brand by following the conversations as they take place, and engaging with those influencers when launching new products.

  • Track demographic groups or regions to see in real-time how campaigns are being received.

  • Get alerts in real-time when negative sentiment spikes, and get a true understanding of that sentiment.